Game Assets

Unity Assets

Using game assets is a great way to save both time and money and might sometimes even save a project (if used correctly).

It might be to get a prototype up and running really fast or if you need a specialized system/graphics that no one in the team really knows how to do correctly.

Visit my publisher site on the Unity AssetStore to see all my currently available Unity assets.

About me

I'm a developer from Sweden, currently working as a GIS Engineer in government administration but with a (very) long history in game development and graphical design.

During my employment I’ve worked on both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality projects, utilized both the Unity and Unreal engines and even got a shot to work on some Machine Learning and AI. Needless to say; no day is the other alike.



Sometimes I upload videos on this site called Youtube (you might have heard of it) and you should go check it out!

I don’t really have a set upload schedule yet, but I try to upload as often I can. Mostly tutorials on stuff I’ve seen some (me including) struggling with, everything from programming, maps, game design and graphics.

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