About me

Hello there!

I’m a 28 year old developer living in Sweden. I’m currently employed as a GIS-Engineer (Geographic Information System) in government administration but with a strong emphasis on development and system integration. So my day to day is made up of maps, spatial databases and (the best part); programming.

During my employment I’ve worked on both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality projects, utilized both the Unity and Unreal engines and even got a shot to work on some Machine Learning and AI. Needless to say; no day is the other alike.

Currently my focus is in development of Digital Twins, utilizing municipal spatial data together with live IOT data and visualizing this in a 3D environment. Which will then have to be supported in both webapp, desktop, VR and AR. oh, did I mention we're just 2 guys doing this? Having to work with such a wide array of projects one can't really rely on just keeping up with one programming language so I dabbled in most one might say (probably one of the greatest reasons I love my job).

History time

I do actually come from a background in game development though, having studied game development, worked as a 3D-artist for about 2 years and I’ve spent waaaay to much of my free time in various game engines.

I’ve also done quite a bit of freelancing and consulting regarding both game development but also graphical design. Last couple of years I’ve also managed to help my fiancée a bit with her book publishing company by creating some fantasy book covers (happy wife = happy life).

So graphics or system architecture, which one is more fun? Only time will tell...